‘Jai Jai Maharashtra Mazha’ is state song | Mumbai News

'Jai Jai Maharashtra Mazha' is state song | Mumbai News

MUMBAI/NAGPUR: The state cabinet on Tuesday finalised the patriotic Marathi song, “Jai Jai Maharashtra Mazha, Garza Maharashtra Mazha,” as the official state song. The song, which praises the state, will be officially adopted on February 19, the birth anniversary of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji.
Maharashtra will be the 12th state in the country to have a state song. The state cabinet took this step during the Amrit Mahotsav year.
The song was written by the poet Raja Neelkanth Badhe. The announcement has come on the eve of Badhe’s 111th birth anniversary which falls on February 1.
Only two stanzas which stretch to 1.41 minutes of the original song have been designated as the state song. “The state song will be sung after the national anthem. It will be given respect and sung during official or ceremonial events. It will also be sung in educational institutions. We have requested that it be played in the state assembly as well,” said state cultural affairs minister Sudhir Mungantiwar.
The song was originally sung by Krishnarao “Shahir” Sable and has already been played at events by several political parties in the past.
The state cabinet has listed the protocol for the singing of the state song. It points out that the national anthem will receive the highest status, over the state song. The state song will be played at the beginning of all the state government’s public events. On May 1, which is Maharashtra day, the national anthem will be played first followed by the state song. It will also be sung or played in the state’s schools at the start of the day along with the national anthem.
The protocol also says all educational institutions, non-governmental institutions, private establishments and programmes organised by citizens in the social, cultural or sports arena should give the state song due respect. It also says that citizens should stand at attention to give respect to the state song. Pregnant women, small children, elderly, ailing and disabled will be exempted.
Raja Badhe was born in the Mahal area of Nagpur’s old city. But despite being a towering personality in Marathi literature – he was a writer too – Nagpur has failed to give him due recognition.

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