Finding quiet luxury in heritage hotels of Rajasthan

The Dileep Kothi is a family home of the erstwhile royal family of Barli.

A list of high-end properties that offer comforts of a five-star and celebrate the past of the region

Planning a relaxed, luxurious trip to Rajasthan during summers might seem like a bad idea, but it’s a good way to avoid the tourist rush of hilly areas and places near the beach. 

Plus, Rajasthan has a range of heritage properties that offer comforts of a luxury hotel while allowing the visitor to learn about the history of the state through special food and tours.  

So, we have curated a list of boutique properties that come with comforts of quiet luxury, making for a perfect laidback summer getaway in a scenic land.

The Johri, Jaipur

This 19th century home, long known as Lal Haveli, has been restored to offer travellers the best of both the worlds, past and present. Each of the five suites, the common areas and the restaurant have been designed by New York-based designer Naina Shah to bring together traditional and modern aesthetics. The hotel has a carefully curated collection of antique and custom furniture, textiles and art from Rajasthan. The restaurant focuses more on seasonal, farm-fresh produce. There’s also a cocktail bar, a daily “high-chai” afternoon tea service, option of getting Ayurvedic massages, and complimentary yoga and meditation sessions.

Founder Abhishek Honawar informs, “We are launching a seasonal summer menu, with hyper local ingredients along with a chaat menu this month.”

Dileep Kothi Jaipur

The Dileep Kothi is a family home of the erstwhile royal family of Barli. (Fun fact: The Rathore dynasty of Barli traces its descent from Rao Maldeo of Marwar.)

The private residence, which has six rooms decked up with antique furniture and paintings, gives visitors an opportunity to take a step back in time and understand family’s history, culture and legacy. Founder Divyraj Singh says, “We are the 16th generation royals of Barli.”

Their food menu includes Continental as well as traditional items like laal maas and dal baati churma.

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

During summer months, Narendra Bhawan Bikaner, famous for its grand decor, transforms itself into a haven for wellness and peace seekers. Their spa offers treatments like physical vascular therapy that claim to help improve microcirculation. 

This property is also known for its curated food experiences. The Le Diner Le Noir at the Night Room (The Blindfolded Dinner), for instance, is an immersive and amusing sensory experience, where the guests depend upon their olfactory nerves and taste buds to savour food and drinks.

Six Senses Fort Barwara

Six Senses resort is a repurposed fort near Ranthambore. The 14th century fort, originally owned by the royal family of Barwara, is a destination within itself, with in-resort experiences, spa treatments, and wellness programmes. One can try, for instance, the five-night Eye of the Tiger package, which includes daily spa treatments and sleep tracking, wellness activities like yoga, meditation and fitness sessions.


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