Exclusive! I was in a state of trauma inside the Bigg Boss house, says Tina Datta after her eviction

Out of the Bigg Boss 16 house, Tina Datta says she has taken a sigh of relief. Even though the Uttaran actress has missed being a finalist in the reality show, she says she is quite happy. “Believe you me, I am really happy to have come out of the house!” shares Tina.Telling us about the stay inside the house, she adds, “It was a rocky ride for me as I had good and bad experiences. I never thought that I could be a part of a show like Bigg Boss and so I was scared and skeptical both at the same time when I said yes to this show this season. The kind of situations I have faced inside the house, I wasn’t even sure if I will be able to keep up with it or will be able to survive it for so long. But eventually, I used to tell myself that I am a survivor. I survived the loss of my pet who was like my baby when I was inside the house, then I survived two broken ankles, all the weekend ke wars on me, and towards the end a broken tooth. It is unbelievable!”
Having survived all the bashing on Weekend Ka War by Salman Khan several times, Tina was also severely reprimanded by Farah Khan, who replaced Salman Khan as a host this weekend, for her behaviour towards Shalin Bhanot. “When I came outside, I realised I was trending online and it was amazing. But being backlashed inside the house on various occasions, I wasn’t allowed to play the game properly. Talking about Salman Khan sir, he tried to make me understand a lot of things and was really supportive. But he wasn’t able to watch the show all the time. I always tried to take a stand for myself. The Shalin Bhanot topic really took a toll on me and I was like can I please play my own game? When I became friends with Priyanka Choudhary recently, I was told by Farah Khan ma’am that we both are the really mean and most hated girls on the show by the viewers. I was in a state of trauma inside the Bigg Boss house,” she says.

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