India’s Reliance introduces thermal-conducive textile tech HexaRel

India’s Reliance introduces thermal-conducive textile tech HexaRel




Jan 27, 2023

India’s Reliance Industries Limited has launched its latest innovation, HexaRel, at Tecoya’s Fibres & Yarns Exhibition at Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. HexaRel is a new enhanced fabric technology that offers a unique combination of properties in a single fabric/garment. It enables a bouquet of functional benefits for crafting apparel and home textiles, meeting the demands of young, evolved consumers.

HexaRel technology enabled textile provides superior thermal conductivity, amazing moisture management, and many other properties that give the wearer a feeling of comfort and hygiene. The key benefits of apparel made from HexaRel are, cool to touch, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, mosquito repellent, anti-odour, antistatic, better absorption and wicking of water, thermal regulating effect and ultraviolet protection without compromising the hand-feel, texture, and visual aspects of the final fabric, according to a press release by Reliance.

The combination of its six-in-one discernible benefits makes HexaRel-based fabrics/ garments multifunctional, responsive, and adaptive. To support its downstream customers and their future product development, HexaRel launched its well-researched, comprehensive Trend Direction initiative for Spring/Summer 2024 titled Shift at Tecoya’s Fibres & Yarns Exhibition.

These Trend Directions have been compiled to inspire and inform downstream fabric and apparel manufacturers and generate long-term product development ideas, integrating the retail and brand expected consumer behaviour and design movement of the future.

A sneak preview of the latest Shift captures HexaRel SS24. Two key fashion trends that are shaping SS24 and beyond are Glam Sports and ALL DAY ACTIVE, added the release.

Glam Sports is all about the collaboration of activewear and high fashion, with a future retro look, borrowing elements from sports and active wear. ADA is about comfort and hardworking styles that can easily transcend from workwear to occasion wear, adapting to the Shift. HexaRel works effectively with an active lifestyle, whether it is moisture management or anti-odour properties.

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