Arguably the Prettiest Shoes in the World

Arguably the Prettiest Shoes in the World

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It’s time to reclaim a tired trope. As entertaining as it was, the shoe-crazy shopaholic has cast a shadow on the fashion industry for long enough. Women don’t want shoes that last a season. Whether they’re bought to glitter and click their way down a paved street, or to be gingerly placed on a shoe rack with a promise to wear them to the next big thing, those who invest in footwear are collectors, fashion curators. It is only fair, then, that the pieces they collect are worthy of being called works of art. This is Freya Rose.

Established in 2010, Freya Rose has redefined British modern luxury with their couture shoe designs. Known originally for their exquisite bridal pieces and accompanying bejeweled shoe clips, they’ve since expanded into women’s footwear more broadly, designed for special occasions — or for those who want to feel special regardless of occasion. Crucially, they’ve maintained their ethos of slow fashion throughout their 12 years in the industry. With only 50 pairs of shoes released with each new collection, Freya Rose remains enticingly exclusive while simultaneously championing ethical practice.

The Iconic Mother of Pearl Collection

Their signature collection is, of course, the Mother of Pearl. Sourced and hand-cut by artisans in Bali, the shimmering pearl shells are delicately inlaid into the heels of their satin shoes. As the only gemstone made from living creatures, the pearl is associated with femininity, sensitivity, and creation. 

Freya Rose embraces this powerful symbol with some playful personification; the platforms are called Bonnie, the sandals Gigi, and the low block heels Martina, to name a few. Offered in elegant ivory or glittering champagne shades, the pair you receive is guaranteed to be truly unique. Each pearl was crafted long before it reached human hands, after all, having been first shaped by the natural world. It is this potent essence — of femininity, of nature — that empowers those who wear these iconic pieces.

Who is Freya Rose?

Couture Shoe Designer and CEO, Freya Rose

Freya Rose’s story begins with her mother Dr. Barbara Tipple. A world-renowned jeweler, her extraordinary collections can be found in the Barbara Tipple Goldsmiths store opposite The Ritz, London. Before that, however, there was the Barbara Tipple in Southsea. Living above this store, Freya filled her after-school hours admiring and absorbing her mother’s work. With a childhood spent among sparkling gemstones and inspiring craftsmanship, it is no wonder that Freya went on to pursue a Shoe and Accessory Design degree at the London College of Fashion.

It was at university that her creative aspirations began to take a shape familiar to Freya Rose’s current clientele. Working closely with her stepfather (a master goldsmith), Freya’s final piece was a prototype of her signature collection, a triumphant marriage between the jewelry that determined her past and the couture shoe design that would come to define her future. Freya’s passion for ethical practice first found a voice here, too, as her accompanying dissertation explored the fraught ethics of the Kalahari Desert’s diamond trade.

Today, her brand is still unwavering in its commitment to work with families instead of factories. By avoiding large-scale manufacturing, Freya Rose ensures that generations of skilled artisans are supported as well as guaranteeing the durability of her designer pieces. Claiming a lifetime of over five decades when the proper care is applied, Freya Rose’s collections are sure to become coveted heirloom items.

An Elegant and Sophisticated Shoe Brand

With the help of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme, Freya Rose was able to channel her creativity and talent into a sustainable business. It has since flourished into a beloved British brand that designs luxury accessories and demi-fine jewellery alongside an iconic selection of heels. While her first capsule collection of bridal jewellery was released in 2016, it was not until her 2021 collection that she was catapulted to heights previously unthinkable. During a visit to Wolverhampton in May 2021, Kate Middleton was photographed wearing Freya Rose’s freshwater pearl Mini Hoop Earrings. This remarkable royal reputation has since earned Freya Rose features in Vogue, The Independent, and Grazia magazine.

Catherine, Princess of Wales wearing Freya Rose earrings

The Duchess of Cambridge is not the only celebutante that has fallen for Freya Rose, however. Kate Moss has sported the Kate Petite handbag on three separate occasions, the most recent sighting being her trip to Rome in 2021. Rihanna wore the glistening Aurora champagne heels for her 2019 Fenty Campaign, and English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott debuted the Helena heel — an opulent tie-up number with mirrored accents — at the 2017 Brit Awards.

For Freya Rose, this year has been nothing short of stratospheric. The label has begun working with luxury department store Harvey Nichols, as well as expanding into the global market with their concession stands in Barcelona and Vienna. With 70% of their revenue now being generated in the US, their bespoke designs have, unsurprisingly, managed to wholeheartedly charm those across the pond. Freya’s crowning achievement, however, is a cause close to her heart. Having become an investor for the Prince’s Trust, she has since raised money for the organization and returned to her roots with a black-tie gala event, hosted at The Queen’s Hotel in Southsea earlier this month. 

What is New At Freya Rose: The Regal 54 Collection

Freya Rose’s new collection ‘Regal 54’ revels in the freedom of a post-lockdown world with an explosive blast from the past. Inspired by the decadence of Tudor fashion as well as the electrifying parties of former disco nightclub Studio 54, this stunning collection contains Freya Rose’s personal favourite heel: the Cher Verde. An emerald green shimmer suede heel that features gold mirroring and abalone shell on the heel, the Cher Verde adds a vivacious and glamorous splash of colour to any outfit. For an everyday approach to period opulence, opt for the Zahra Noir heel or Jasmine Noir boot which combine pearlescent panelling with classic black leather and suede. 

Released alongside Regal 54 is Freya Rose’s latest collection of statement jewelry, ‘Woven for Women’. Made with 22-carat gold vermeil, these designer pieces are hand-crocheted using a specialist East Indonesian craft. With only a few artisan jewelers still able to accomplish this specific weave, each piece — from the sparkling amethyst hoops to the delicate gold cuffs — is a treasured time capsule. Again, Freya Rose proves itself a brand that celebrates outspoken and audacious femininity,  the collection’s concept being that the weave, ‘whilst light, delicate and feminine… holds such strength, reflecting how women are stronger together.’ 5% of the profits made from each purchase have been pledged towards women-focused campaigns. 

With an enchanting backstory, exquisite craftsmanship, and steadfast commitment to ethical practice, Freya Rose is a British heritage brand in the making. Having recently received royal acclaim, the future of Freya Rose will certainly be one to watch, as the brand makes its first foray into the global market.

Article Written by Dea Jusufi

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