Thunivu box office collections; Ajith Kumar starrer reaches 130 crores in India after 3rd Weekend

Thunivu box office collections; Ajith Kumar starrer reaches 130 crores in India after 3rd Weekend

Ajith starrer Thunivu is almost at the near-end of its box office run closure, with the film collecting Rs. 4.50 crores approx in its third weekend at the Indian box office. That takes its total box office collections in India to Rs. 130 crores approx, it will probably be adding another Rs. 5 crores or so in it coming days, to close its run at Rs. 135 crores or so.

Tamil Nadu makes almost the entirety of the collections, with Rs. 4.30 crores weekend, which represents a 60 per cent drop from the second weekend. The total box office collections in Tamil Nadu stand at Rs. 108.50 crores approx. This makes it the second highest-grossing Ajith starrer in the state, behind his 2019 release Viswasam. The clash with Varisu has probably helped the film as it held an edge in terms of screenings during the holiday period which provided it with the advantage of counter-programming. After the holiday period ended, the film faced a decline in collections, though it avoided a crash.

The box office collections of Thunivu at the Indian box office are as follows:

Week One – Rs. 108 crores (9 days)
Week Two – Rs. 17.50 crores

3rd Friday – Rs. 0.90 crores
3rd Saturday – Rs. 1.60 crores
3rd Sunday – Rs. 2 crores

Total – Rs. 130 crores

Outside Tamil Nadu, the film fared best in Karnataka, becoming Ajith’s highest grosser there with Rs. 11.50 crores. Kerala could have done a bit better but the numbers are better than the recent Ajith starrers.

The film performed very well overseas with $6.30 million (Rs. 51.75 crores) to date, giving it a worldwide box office gross of Rs. 181.75 crores approx. These overseas numbers are the highest for an Ajith starrer, it will soon take the same title worldwide when it overtakes Viswasam in a day or two.

The territorial breakdown for the box office collections of Thunivu in India is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 108.50 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 11.50 crores
Kerala – Rs. 5 crores
AP/TS – Rs. 3.50 crores
Rest of India – Rs. 1.50 crores

Total – Rs. 130 crores

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