Shah Rukh Khan says he’s blessed with a ‘balcony ticket’: When I feel sad..

Shah Rukh Khan says he's blessed with a 'balcony ticket': When I feel sad..

What a success. What a rage. What an emotion!

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan has now made 500 crore in just 5 days of its release and it is a milestone in itself. Jam-packed theatres, people dancing crazily on Jhoome Jo Pathaan; it almost looked like a low-key celebration in the halls itself. People in India were desperately waiting to witness magic on screen and it’s not wrong when people say ‘Only SRK could have pulled off that’.

So today, Team Success aka Team Pathaan decide to speak together on the film’s record-shattering run at the Box Office. ’57 never looked so good’ man Shah Rukh Khan, hottest Deepika Padukone, and menacing Jim aka John Abrahim along with Pathaan creator Siddharth Anand arrived at the press meet held in Mumbai today. Shah Rukh Khan interacted with the media and expressed his joy over Pathaan’s success.

‘When I feel sad, I come to balcony’: Shah Rukh Khan

Addressing the crowd, King Khan said that whenever he feels sad, he comes out to Mannat balcony. Well, the view when he steps out and waves at the waiting fans, it’s a moment of celebration! He said, “Even when a film doesn’t work, they still give me the same love. My elders in my family had once told me- when something goes wrong go to people who love you. Life is like that. So someone had told me don’t go to people you work with, or give you suggestions, I am blessed that I have billions of people who love me. So when I feel sad, I come to my balcony. God has blessed me with a balcony ticket for life.”

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