Abhay Deol reveals Anurag Kashyap did not direct him at all in Dev D: ‘He allowed me to do my thing’

Abhay Deol reveals Anurag Kashyap did not direct him at all in Dev D: 'He allowed me to do my thing'

Abhay Deol had made it to the headlines after he called Anurag Kashyap a ‘toxic person’ and a ‘liar’. His accusation came after the Gangs Of Wasseypur director spoke about Abhay’s behavior on the sets of their film Dev D. Well, Abhay has once again spoken about his experience of working with Anurag in Dev D. In a recent conversation with veteran actor Anupam Kher at his acting school, the actor recalled working with Anurag and said that he ‘didn’t direct him at all’ in the film.

Abhay Deol accuses Anurag Kashyap

Abhay Deol was asked if he had ever worked with filmmakers, who had no idea about how to deal with actors. Abhay then recalled working on Dev D and how Anurag Kashyap did not direct him at all in the film. He further opened up about the director telling lies about him in Press. The actor denied Anurag’s allegation of him demanding a stay in a 5-star hotel during Dev D’s shoot. He also said, “It’s not often that this happens, but it happens. Like in Dev D, Anurag didn’t direct me at all. He didn’t say anything, he just let me be. But then that was an idea I had come up with and a character I knew. So, it wasn’t even like I was asking him. He allowed me to do my thing, and not saying anything as a director to an actor, encouraged me to think what I’m doing must be right. And I continued doing that.”

Abhay Deol slammed Anurag Kashyap

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama earlier this month, Abhay Deol slammed Anurag Kashyap’s old statement and said, “I had my heart on my sleeve, and all that is great – but you get taken advantage of, and then you get reactive. So, he (Anurag Kashyap) was a good lesson for me. Then I just avoided him, because I don’t need toxic people in my life. Life is too short, and there is so much more to explore. But he (Anurag) is definitely a liar and a toxic person. And I would warn people about him.”

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