SVB crisis: Will cockroach startups take a hit?

SVB crisis: Will cockroach startups take a hit?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the largest vendor in the startup ecosystem, has triggered talks whether it will have an adverse impact on the Indian startup scenario. Experts are hopeful that the prevailing situation will not inject a lot of uncertainty in the sector and Indian startups will not take big hit.

California-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest bank in the United States, was closed last week by the regulators.

In the current scenario, it is difficult to predict with certainty what the business landscape will look like going forward. But it is certainly possible that cockroach startups could play an important role in shaping the future.

While the term ‘cockroach startup’ may sound unappealing, it reflects a positive and valuable characteristic of successful companies. The term ‘cockroach startups’ refers to companies that are highly resilient and adaptable and can survive and thrive in challenging business environments. Just like cockroaches can survive in harsh conditions, cockroach startups can withstand economic downturns and other challenges.

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Sundeep Rana, co-founder NetSetGo Media, said that cockroach startups are often characterized by their frugality, resourcefulness, and willingness to pivot and change direction quickly in response to market conditions. “They may operate with lean teams, bootstrap their operations, and focus on generating revenue and profits rather than pursuing rapid growth at any cost,” he said.

“By being highly resilient and adaptable, these startups can survive and even thrive in a volatile business environment, and may ultimately emerge as leaders in their respective industries,” Rana said, adding that operating with a lean team, minimising unnecessary expenses and looking for creative solutions to help achieve goals without breaking the bank are key factors why such startups are able to survive in tough economic conditions. 

Such startups focus on generating revenue and profits rather than chasing rapid growth at any cost, he said and noted that this helps in building a business model that can withstand economic downturns and other challenges. “Cockroach startups can weather downturns and emerge stronger on the other side,” Rana said.

On challenges associated with cockroach startups, he said that such companies may struggle to attract investment, talent and may not have the resources necessary to scale rapidly. “In addition, they may not be able to compete with larger companies that have more resources and market power,” he said.

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