Startup Fat Tiger expands footprint in Northeast with new outlet in Assam

Startup Fat Tiger expands footprint in Northeast with new outlet in Assam

Fat Tiger, the popular quick-service restaurant chain, has opened its newest outlet in Bharalumukh town of Kamrup Metropolitan district in Assam as part of the expansion plan. This marks the company’s first venture into the Northeast market and is part.

Sahil Arya, co-founder and director, Fat Tiger, said that food has the power to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. He said that this will connect the people of the region with other parts of the country.

The emergence of QSR chains has had a significant game-changing impact on food startup aggregators in the food delivery space. Besides giving a push to the creation of employment opportunities, these startups also play a crucial role in driving overall growth.

These startups have been forced to adapt to the changing landscape of the food industry as QSRs continue to expand their delivery options and offer a wider variety of items, thus catering to the needs of people based on their tastes.

One of the biggest ways that QSRs have impacted food startup aggregators is through their own in-house delivery services. Many QSRs have started their own delivery programmes, cutting out the need for third-party aggregators altogether and creating thousands of new jobs.

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